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Kemalpaşa Waterfall (Water fly), Bird Paradise in Ulubat Lake, (Restaurant), Crying Plane Tree (Gölyazı)

We take our guests from Bursa hotels and head to the Suuçtu Waterfall, which is about 17 km away from Mustafa Kemal Paşa County of Bursa Providence.

The waterfall offers with a height of 38 m offers a visual feast of nature. When you stand near the waterfall, the water drops hits you on the face and the name of this waterfall is believed to be originated from this event. When the sound of the water falling and the visual elements unite and become a whole it forms a heaven on earth. .

After spending some time in the waterfall, we are heading Bird Paradise in Ulubat Lake which is a natural bird paradise for migratory birds. We are going to have the chance to observe many endemic bird species there. The Uluabat lake is also very famous for its fisheries. There are some villages spotted around Uluabat Lake. The most popular one among these villages is Gölyazı village.

After some quality time of observation spent in the bird paradise (a gift of nature), we go to Ağlayan Çınar (Crying plane tree) which is situated in the village of Gölyazı. The tree takes its name from the water coming from inside the tree it’s mythical name is Apolyont : According to the myth this water which is coming from inside the tree represents the tears of a Turkish boy and a Roman girl who were in love but end up in tragedy. For centuries, the great plane tree, which moans for the two lovers who cannot unite for centuries , is still crying for them today. The “Weeping Plane” in Gölyazı tells the story of two lovers who are the people of this incomparable love and of separate worlds.. After listening to this tragic yet beautiful story, we go dining..

Services Included in Our Group Tour;

  • Guide
  • Dining
  • Entry Fees

Services Included in Our Private Tour;

  • Vehicle
  • Chauffeur
  • Fuel
  • Guide




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