Oylat Cave, Oylat Thermal Baths, Sukaypark, Fruit Garden, Restaurant

In the morning we take our guests from Bursa and go directly to Oylat cave from Inegol County of Bursa province. This cave is Turkey’s third largest cave with a length of 665 meters. Abundant amounts of stalactite, stalagmite, column, wall and curtain dripstones are found in the cave. The Bursa Cave has taken its name according to the belief that this cave is a secret passage which leads to Bursa.

After the visit to the cave and spa, we go to Oylat Thermal Baths. The Oylat Thermal Spring is fed by the snow waters of Uludağ Mountain . The temperature of water of Oylat thermal bath is 40.5 degrees Celsius and it’s known that this water consists of healing features for rheumatism, urinary tracts and child paralysis .

From here, we go to Sukaypark, Turkey’s first cable water facility, built by Osmangazi Municipality. Sukaypark, which is based on 100 acres of land, serves as a complex sports facility with an island, pond, children’s playground, hiking and jogging paths, restaurant, cafe, sports outfit sales and rental shop and water slides.

Our last stop is to a fruit garden. (Fruit variety varies according to the season). After tasting and shopping of the natural fresh fruit of the season , we are heading for Bursa.

Finally, we eat fish at the  Restaurant and finish our Tour.

Services Included in Our Group Tour;

  • Guide
  • Dining
  • Entry Fees

Services Included in Our Private Tour;

  • Vehicle
  • Chauffeur
  • Fuel
  • Guide
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